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Automatically adjusts system safety and reliability
Jun 12, 2018

In the process control system, the actuator consists of an actuator and an automated adjustment mechanism. The automatic adjustment mechanism directly changes the parameters of the production process through the actuator, so that the production process meets the predetermined requirements. The actuator receives the control signal from the controller and converts it to the output of the drive adjustment mechanism (eg angular displacement or linear displacement output). It also uses appropriate actuators, but requires different from the regulator. Actuators are mounted directly on the production site, sometimes with severe operating conditions. The ability to maintain normal operation directly affects the safety and reliability of the automatic adjustment system.

A device that accepts control signals in an automated control technology tool and exerts control over the controlled object. Actuators are classified into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators according to the driving energy used.

(1) Actuators are classified into pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuators according to the driving energy used.

(2) In the form of output displacement, there are two types of actuators: rotary and linear.

(3) According to the law of movement, actuators can be divided into three types: switch type, integral type and proportional type.

(4) Press the input control signal, the actuator is divided into input air pressure signal, DC current signal, electrical contact on-off signal, pulse signal and other types.

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