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Compact and lightweight
Jun 12, 2018

Common single rakes are generally located on the hull centerline and have upper and lower platforms. The upper platform is also referred to as a shoulder strap for mounting a top pull eye panel; the lower platform is for supporting a boom holder. Single ticks can be stretched or not. Supporting the gongs and gongs to pull the languid ropes around the front and rear of the gong to share the load of some gongs and reduce the deformation of the gongs, thereby reducing the weight of the gongs and reducing the amplitude of the gongs vibrating. However, the existence of a tension cable will affect the operation of the boom, its sightline, and its appearance. In order to facilitate the installation of two hanging cargo poles without the need for extension cables, there has been a man-made boom. Because its profile is elliptical, it increases the longitudinal strength. At the same time, with two feet, it also strengthens the lateral strength, resulting in compact structure and lighter weight, but it has a certain impact on the driving line of sight. The word mark is used to shorten the length of the boom, and it is required that the boom bearing (also the top hanging point of the top guy rope) be farther from the hull's center line and used in the form of a rake, which is on the top of a pair of lifting columns. With a crosspiece, a top curtain is installed on the crosspiece to facilitate the installation of neon lights and antennas. The roof can be fallen, especially for ships with larger river boats and ships, but the structure of the door is more heavy. The V-shaped stern is a pair of inclined lifting columns. In addition to a pair of lightweight derricks before and after, a heavy-duty derrick can be installed in the front and rear cabins. This heavy-duty boom has been used more recently.