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Energy saving and environmental protection, ease of use
Jun 12, 2018

Electric cylinders can be used for automated production, but many people are not very clear about what can be used in specific applications. Today, Pi Rui Jian Xiao Bian will introduce the use of electric cylinders to everyone.

In general, the electric cylinder can be used for work positioning, handling, clamping, insertion, etc. of the workpiece. It can also be applied to food equipment, metal processing equipment, textile machinery, woodworking equipment, transfer equipment, reciprocating sprayer, printing Equipment, mechanical arm, packaging machine equipment, chemical equipment, automatic dispensing equipment, automatic processing equipment, workpiece positioning equipment, labeling machine, laser cutting and positioning, water cutting and positioning, ultrasonic welding positioning, medical equipment, solar energy equipment, etc. These devices are all applicable.

The electric cylinder converts the rotary motion of the motor through the mechanical motion of the screw pair to the linear motion of the push rod. By using the closed-loop control characteristics of the servo motor, the precision control of the thrust, speed, and position can be easily realized; and the modern motion control is utilized. Technology, numerical control technology and bus (network) technology, to achieve procedural, bus (network) control, and does not require the second conversion of energy can achieve the purpose of drive control, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Due to the convenience of its control and use, the electric cylinder will achieve precise motion control that cannot be achieved in the transmission of cylinders and hydraulic cylinders.