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Intelligent, intelligent control of the machine
Jun 12, 2018

The most widely defined definition of an actuator is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion. It uses some kind of drive energy and operates under certain control signals.

Because more and more factories have adopted automatic control and manual operations have been replaced by mechanical or automated equipment, it is required that the actuator be able to function as an interface between the control system and the mechanical movement of the valve. It also requires the implementing agency to enhance the work safety performance and Environmental protection performance. In some dangerous situations, automated actuator devices can reduce personnel injuries. Some special valves require emergency opening or closing under special conditions. Valve actuators can prevent further spread of the hazard while minimizing plant losses. For some high-pressure and large-diameter valves, the required actuator output torque is very large. At this time, the required actuator must increase the mechanical efficiency and use a high-output motor, so that the large-diameter valve can be operated smoothly.

(1) Controllability: Generalized actuators integrate electromechanical technology through sensing technology, electronic technology, and control technology. According to the change of functional requirements, as long as the programmable control of the drive element can achieve complex and variable output Movement makes the original "rigid" output develop into a "flexible" output, achieving the diversity of output movement.

(2) Intelligent: Through the use of some intelligent drive components, such as shape memory alloys, so that the mechanism output movement is intelligent, intelligent control of the machine.

(3) Miniaturization: Micro-motors, piezoelectric crystals, etc. can be used to create a micron-level working stroke and miniaturize the mechanism.

(4) Integration: With the development of modern mechanism technology, a "motion integrated block" such as a linear displacement unit can be manufactured by designing and realizing various motion outputs.

(5) High performance: The motion output of the generalized actuator is related to the characteristics and mechanism type of the drive element, not simply the type of mechanism. Modern drive elements include various types of motors, hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders, piezoelectric actuators, electromagnetic switches, and shape memory alloys, and their drive characteristics are different from conventional single power sources. Expanding the connotation of the mechanism into an integrated body of the drive element and the mechanism makes the design space of the designer change from a one-dimensional design space to a simultaneous design of the two-dimensional design space that drives the component parameters and the mechanism structure parameters and considers the integration of the two, and the designer has more The design parameters are used to improve the movement and dynamic performance of the mechanism and expand the function of the mechanism.