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Keep the lifting column bright and extend its service life
Jun 12, 2018

Regardless of whether it is raised or lowered, a lifting column that depends on manual operation and the ground cylinder can be directly hidden in the underground cabin is called a manual lifting column.

Performance: Manual lift, with lock, can be used as a roadblock, but also for parking lock.

The appearance of the pull-type manual lifting column is not only a substitute for the traditional road pile product, but more importantly, it is very convenient and quick to provide some passageways in exceptional circumstances.

Manually lifting the column from the appearance of the diameter is the finest, the same height and other lifting columns.

In order to facilitate the pulling operation, the top of the manual lifting column should be provided with a pulling handle, and the pulling handle needs to be hidden or folded so that the handle does not interfere with the pedestrian when the manual lifting column is lowered.

The reflective tape is also required to be attached to the top of the manual lifting column. Because the manual lifting column does not have a light source, a reflective tape with good reflective effect is required at night to prompt the attention of passing vehicles or pedestrians.

A good manual lifting column should feel very smooth and smooth when lifting, and the latches must be naturally and flexibly ejected. Everything should be pleasant to the user and easy to operate.

Manual lifting column material is also need to pay attention, 304 stainless steel is the preferred material for lifting column, rust and corrosion protection; thickness of 3mm is appropriate, because taking into account the weight of the column itself, after the weight of the lift will be harder .

The installation of the manual lifting column is the easiest in the lifting column product, no need for wiring, no need for debugging, and it is ready to use.

Although the manual lifting column is not its strong point in resisting the malicious collision of vehicles, it has obvious advantages in restricting vehicle parking or defining the region's outstanding performance, so it is widely used, such as: squares, parks, pedestrian streets, supermarket stores, Apartment, parking lot...

Manual lifting columns should be regularly wiped and cleaned during use to keep the lifting columns bright and prolong their service life.