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Mechanical fixing mechanism for regular screw fastening
Jun 12, 2018

The lifting and lowering of the lifting column can be completed automatically through legal authorization information. The automatic door lifting column is also the main equipment of the manufacturers of the lifting column products. It is generally used in places where there is frequent take-off and landing and there is a certain security force around.

Semi-automatic lifting column: lock or release the lifting column by manual key. When the device is in the raised state, the artificial foot is pressed down after the key is released, automatically locked after being in place, and will automatically rise after being released again through the key. Most products are used in places where there is little need to take off. Or there is no place where there is no place for security. One of the main reasons is that the cost of construction is low due to semi-automatic construction, and the second reason is that the semi-automatic lifting column does not have a control panel or control cabinet with high security against theft. For example, walking streets, squares, and other places can be selected, and in addition, some large-width entrances and exits can be used with automatic lifting columns.

Fixed road piles: The upper part of the road surface and the fully automatic/semi-automatic lifting columns have the same appearance and the same materials, but cannot move. It is mainly used with automatic/semi-automatic lifting columns.

Moving road piles: No deep burial is required, and parts on the ground can be manually removed and removed. It is mainly applicable to some places with small traffic and staff guards. Due to the need to move, the general body of the reclassification is smaller and lighter, and it mainly serves as an illustrative effect and weak anti-impact capability.

In the process of electrical maintenance, the relevant power supply must be cut off in a timely manner, and the maintenance, inspection, etc. logos should be hung in obvious positions; the switches, buttons, indicator lights, buzzer, etc. should be checked once a month; each wiring The terminals and the screws on each electrical component must also be inspected on a monthly basis to see if loosening occurs; the lifting column equipment surface, electrical control system, and hydraulic control system are regularly cleaned for dust removal; the drive mechanism for the equipment and mechanical fixation The mechanism is to perform regular screw tightening operations.