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Simple structure, easy maintenance
Jun 12, 2018

In fact, pneumatic and electric systems are not mutually exclusive. Pneumatic actuators can simply achieve rapid linear motion, simple structure, easy maintenance, and can be used in a variety of harsh working environments, such as explosion-proof requirements, more dust or wet conditions. However, an electric drive with a servo motor has advantages in the case where the force increases rapidly and precise positioning is required. For applications that require precise, synchronized operation, adjustable and specified positioning programming, the electric drive is the best choice. An electric drive system consisting of a servo or stepper motor with a closed loop positioning controller can compensate for the lack of a pneumatic system. Department.

1. The rated output force or torque of the pneumatic device shall meet the requirements of GB/T12222 and GB/T12223

The above is a film type actuator

The above is a film type actuator

2. Under no-load conditions, the air pressure in accordance with Table 2 shall be input to the cylinder. The movement shall be steady, without any jamming or crawling.

3. Under the air pressure of 0.6MPa, the output torque or thrust of the pneumatic device starting and closing in both directions shall not be less than the value indicated on the plate of the pneumatic device, and the action shall be flexible, and permanent deformation of each portion shall not be allowed. Other abnormalities.

4. When the seal test is carried out with the maximum working pressure, the air leakage from the respective back pressure side must not exceed (3+0.15D)cm3/min (standard state); leakage from the end cap and output shaft The air volume must not exceed (3+0.15d)cm3/min.

5. The strength test shall be carried out with a maximum working pressure of 1.5 times. After the test pressure is maintained for 3 minutes, leakage and structural deformation of the end caps and static seal parts of the cylinder block are not allowed.

6, the number of operating life, pneumatic device simulation of pneumatic valve action, in the case of maintaining the output torque or thrust capacity in both directions, the opening and closing of the opening and closing operation should not be less than 50,000 times (start-closed cycle for a).

7. Pneumatic device with buffer mechanism, when the piston moves to the stroke end position, no impact phenomenon is allowed.