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Dual Motor Lifting Column

Dual Motor Lifting Column
HT802KD HTA802KD is a compact 3 part lifting column ,which is a perfect choice for wide range of different desk applications ranging from industry to office desk the HT802KD is available in several standard colors to fit into a wide design of desk designs be chosen. The product can be used as a...
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Product Specifications



- Single or 2, 3, 4 parallel drive or even  mult-par
- allel with up to 6 columns
- Duty cycle: 10 % ~ 6 min. per hour or 2 min. continuous use at full load
- Ambient temperature: +10° to +40 ° C
- Compatible with control boxes CBD4/5/6 and all

- Approved according to EN 60335-1 and UL 962
- Storage and transport temperature: -10° C to+70° C



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The turbine variable speed power mechanism and the spiral auxiliary lifting mechanism in each table leg are linked by synchronous conveyor belt. Through the synchronous conveyor belt, the turbine transmission power mechanism drives the spiral auxiliary lifting mechanism in each table leg to lift up and down simultaneously to drive the table frame. On the desktop rises or falls to a certain height.

Lift table in Europe and the United States to use a large number of lifting tables. Its value is to help the office crowd farewell sedentary, to achieve standing office.

Often used for learning, office, Internet and other aspects, according to the way of lifting roughly divided into the following three categories: automatic lifting table is generally based on electricity as the power source, through the motor control mechanism to adjust the height of the table, can also be controlled by the compressor pressure bar or hydraulic rod to adjust the height of the lifting table. Advantages: The power consumption is very small, stable and beautiful style, a large range of take-off and landing. This type of table has a single column and two columns, the way there are remote control and manual control, the main take-off and landing depends on the electric lifting system, the quality of the Take-off and landing system determines its service life, because the lifting system is a mature industry.

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