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Electric Height Adjustable Desk Sit Stand

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Sit Stand
HT802KD HTA802KD is a compact 3 part lifting column ,which is a perfect choice for wide range of different desk applications ranging from industry to office desk the HT802KD is available in several standard colors to fit into a wide design of desk designs be chosen. The product can be used as a...
Product Details:

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Sit Stand



1. Reinforced column and optimized motor housing design for extra strength and stability 

2.Low noise level

3. Compact design where guide and actuator function are an integrated unit.

Product Specifications


- Single or 2, 3, 4 parallel drive or even mult-par
-allel with up to 6 columns
- Duty cycle: 10 % ~ 6 min. per hour or 2 min. continuous use at full load
- Ambient temperature: +10° to +40 ° C
- Compatible with control boxes CBD4/5/6 and all

- Approved according to EN 60335-1 and UL 962
- Storage and transport temperature: -10° C to+70° C




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Application Picture:


We've been using and recommending height adjustable desks, so it was only natural that we would use the knowledge we gained to design our own. Our team developed lifting leg for desk to be the standing office desk for everyone. Build your Desk by choosing from dozens of different desktop options paired with a two, three or four-leg height adjustable desk frame, and then add ergonomic accessories to complete your perfect ergonomic desk.

Each lifting leg  is designed to have industry-best stability and low energy consumption motors that smoothly and quietly move the surface up and down in seconds. We offer a wide variety of electric adjustable height desks to fit any budget

Adjustable height desks are a wise investment for any person who spends more than a couple hours at a computer every day. A typical American can spend as much as 90% of their day sitting, and research has shown numerous health benefits associated with standing more. Standing burns more calories, increases circulation, and improves productivity and alertness. And studies show that hitting the gym a few times a week doesn't offset the damage done by sitting too much.

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