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Executive Office Solutions Table Lift

Executive Office Solutions Table Lift
HT802KD HTA802KD is a compact 3 part lifting column ,which is a perfect choice for wide range of different desk applications ranging from industry to office desk the HT802KD is available in several standard colors to fit into a wide design of desk designs be chosen. The product can be used as a...
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Other option: Hall sensor
 Built – in limit switch(but not adjustable)




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Reduces the Risks Associated with Extended Sitting - Studies have shown that sitting (and even standing) for prolonged periods of time is a risk factor for health. For those who work at stationary workstations, a desk that gives the user the option to sit and stand throughout the day will help break up those prolonged periods of unhealthy stationary work. The ErgoMaker Height Adjustable base allows the user to quickly adjust the height of the entire worksurface to accommodate sitting, leaning and standing positions whenever desired.

Lifting Columns are designed for a variety of workstation applications such as computer workstations, workstations, assembly stations, medical instrument lifting platforms, and even kitchen height adjustments. It is the ideal choice. The two-section outer tube provides stable movements, and can provide minimum installation size and longer travel options, etc

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