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Three Column Table Lift Set

Three Column Table Lift Set
HT802KD HTA802KD is a compact 3 part lifting column ,which is a perfect choice for wide range of different desk applications ranging from industry to office desk the HT802KD is available in several standard colors to fit into a wide design of desk designs be chosen. The product can be used as a...
Product Details:


- Single or 2, 3, 4 parallel drive or even mult-par
-allel with up to 6 columns
- Duty cycle: 10 % ~ 6 min. per hour or 2 min. continuous use at full load
- Ambient temperature: +10° to +40 ° C
- Compatible with control boxes CBD4/5/6 and all

- Approved according to EN 60335-1 and UL 962
- Storage and transport temperature: -10° C to+70° C



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What is an electric writing table motor? 

Writing desk is simply for writing or reading table, electric writing desk is through the electric writing table motor to adjust writing desk height of office learning furniture. The electric writing desk can adjust the desk desktop height at will, can lower the writing table desktop height sit to use, also can raise the writing desk desktop height standing use. The electric writing desk is composed of electric writing desk desktop, table holder, controller, electric writing desk motor and so on, which can be easily realized by electric writing table motor. What is an electric writing table motor? Electric writing table motor can choose electric Lifting column motor! Electric Lifting column motor is a new type of electric lifting device which is developed to realize the fluctuation of various intelligent furniture working platform.

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