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Horizontal Axis Linear Actuator

Horizontal Axis Linear Actuator
HTA2500 HTA2500 is a miniature linear actuator , The product exterior type is delicate that is seen less in China market. Two kinds of gears can be choice, One is nylon gear, the other is metal gear. The product have small product volume ,compact design, high degree of protection. HTA2500 with...
Product Details:



Without over-current protector or Hall sensor 


   Min Installation Size=(Stroke+105mm)


With over-current protector or Hall sensor


    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+120mm)




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The motors used are simple DC motors that run on 12v in most cases but other voltages are also optional. to make the actuator go the other way you simple reverse the wires from the motor or actuator on the battery. This is typically done through a switch that automatically reverses the polarity to the motor for you.

Now Actuators are available in different strokes, all this means is the screw and shafts are longer or shorter to get the stroke you want. They are also available in different speeds and forces. This is achieved by simple changing the gears that go between the DC motor and the screw. Typically the faster the screw turns the lower the force, because speed and force trade-off against each other.

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