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Linear Actuator in Agricultural Equipment

Linear Actuator in Agricultural Equipment
W 1000 HTW1000 Industrial linear actuator is a very powerful actuator designed for various applications such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and industrial machinery. Configuration standard HTW1000 linear actuator,because of its large capacity, well-designed, and IP65-rated...
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Built-in limit switch without Hall sensor Drawings





Built-in clutch without limit switch





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Actuators make it possible for all kinds of machines, industrial applications, manufacturing automation and technological advances to move, regardless if it's lifting, adjusting, tilting, pushing or pulling. These devices use a power source, such as a motor, to convert the motion of a classic machine, most notably a screw, into energy.They are used in agriculture in a number of ingenious ways.

Because they are generally at work in dusty, caustic or changeable environments, actuators intended for agricultural uses are designed for durability, maximum functionality and continual use.

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