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PV Application Linear Actuator

PV Application Linear Actuator
HTA2500 HTA2500 is a miniature linear actuator , The product exterior type is delicate that is seen less in China market. Two kinds of gears can be choice, One is nylon gear, the other is metal gear. The product have small product volume ,compact design, high degree of protection. HTA2500 with...
Product Details:



Without over-current protector or Hall sensor

    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+105mm)


With over-current protector or Hall sensor


         Min Installation Size=(Stroke+120mm)




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PVC Application

Photovoltaic (PV), concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) systems operate more efficiently when their mirrors, collectors and PV modules accurately track the course of the sun during the day. The more precise and trouble-free these systems are, the more efficient and profitable the solar power plants operate.

By offering its linear actuator and bearings for swivel drives as a complete system, GeMing has taken another step towards the full integration of precision solar tracking systems for azimuth and elevation axes.The linear actuator responsible for stroke movements in the elevation axis was custom designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions typically found in solar power plants.It can operate in high temperatures and is protected from dust, sand, wind and rain. Due to an encapsulated housing, a reduced number of fully-sealed joints, as well as an integrated motor, gearbox unit and entire drive technology

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