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Hidden Espresso Machine Using Linear Actuator

Hidden Espresso Machine Using Linear Actuator
HTA2800 HTA2800 is the most popular and hot actuator in our company, also Various applications need the product which is a generic electric linear actuator ,For example, recliner chair ,electric sofa ,light industry and so on. Of course, It is easy to automate. Features 1.Protection:IP65...
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Hidden Espresso Machine Using Linear Acimage.pngtuator

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The DC miniature linear actuator transforms the rotary motion into linear motion, and the DC miniature linear actuator has a compact and reasonable structure; the manufacturing cost is low and the energy consumption can be reduced; the small size and large thrust force; the DC miniature linear actuator is mainly composed of an electric push rod , Control box, remote control board and cables and other components. Electric push rod according to the matching motor, screw and control device and the trip switch can achieve different lifting, tilting, flip function. Because the electric putter has a small size, mute design And the safety is high, its locking force can reach ten times of the thrust force, and it is absolutely safe. The operation is convenient. All operations of the linear electric push rod can be concentrated on a remote control board and can be operated flexibly.

The electric linear actuator uses a 12V/24V DC motor as the power source, and has an associated power supply controller. The input voltage of the controller is generally 110V/220V, the output voltage is 12V/24V, and the power supply actuator operates.

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