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Mute Linear Actuator

Mute Linear Actuator
HTA2800 HTA2800 is the most popular and hot actuator in our company, also Various applications need the product which is a generic electric linear actuator ,For example, recliner chair ,electric sofa ,light industry and so on. Of course, It is easy to automate. Features 1.Protection:IP65...
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The linear actuator electric health care beds! The use of electric health care beds makes the patient more comfortable. The use of electric health care beds can help the patient change the posture of the body in time. Although the patient is in a paralyzed state, it is always uncomfortable to feel the long time in a position. The use of electric health care beds can help the patient to lift their legs and sit up for more comfort. For the patient's body, the use of a hospital bed makes the patient's body healthier. The electric medical bed can complete the basic actions such as lying down, lifting back, sitting up, flexion, or leg extension through key control. The electric medical nursing bed has the functions of turning over, assisting solution and multi-axis synchronization. The role of electric putters in electric health care beds! The electric push rod is an electric drive device that converts the rotational motion of the motor into a linear reciprocating motion of the push rod.

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