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Prototype Linear Actuator

Prototype Linear Actuator
HTA2800 HTA2800 is the most popular and hot actuator in our company, also Various applications need the product which is a generic electric linear actuator ,For example, recliner chair ,electric sofa ,light industry,medical equipment and so on. Of course, It is easy to automate.We can provide voltage from 12V to 48V Features 1.Protection:IP65.2. Low noise...
Product Details:


  1. Protection:IP66

Product Specifications

  1. Voltage :  12V DC,24V DC,36V DC or 48V DC

  2. Maximum push(pull) force:2000N

  3. The fastest speed in full load: 60mm/s(load150N)

  4. Minimum installation size:  stroke+125mm(limited to the 300mm stroke); 
     stroke+140mm(over than300mm stroke)

  5. Noise :  ≤45db

  6. Other options:Hall sensor

  7. Built – in limit switch(but not adjustable)


There is Drawing of HTA2800


Product Image:



The function of elevating, stretching and so on of the table of the medical Electric examination bed is realized by using the electric expansion device of medical electric examination bed to drive the motor, which is operated by the manual operation device through the mechanical transmission mode. 

All kinds of motion transformations of the transfer bed have the function of line stop locking. Products with batteries, with electricity instructions, can work in the case of power failure. The product has the emergency stop button, can stop the product operation immediately in the urgent situation. Medical Electric examination Bed electric telescopic device drive motor is an important part of medical electric examination bed, medical electric examination bed electric telescopic device drive motor can choose electric linear actuator. Electric Push rod motor is a kind of electric drive device which transforms the motor's rotational motion into the push Rod's linear reciprocating motion. The electric push rod motor drives a pair of screw nut after slowing down the gear. The rotation of the motor into a straight line motion, using the positive and negative motor to complete the putt action. such as through a variety of levers, rocker or connecting rod and other devices can be completed rotation, shaking and other complex movements.

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