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Linear Actuator System for Hospital Beds

Linear Actuator System for Hospital Beds
HTB600-L HTB600-L linear actuator is designed for furniture ,nursing or hospital bed. It can be used in various applications that is powerful and very quiet actuator. Motor and gear of HTB600-L are protected by high -strength plastic shell. Features Protection:IP54 Output Power: 50W power motor...
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Compact linear actuators use specially designed motors that fit the motor and actuator components into the smallest possible footprint. In such cases, the inner diameter of the motor shaft can be enlarged, so that the drive shaft can be hollow. The drive screw and nut can therefore occupy the center of the motor, with no need for additional gearing between the motor and the drive screw. Similarly, the motor can be made to have a small outer diameter, with the pole faces stretched out lengthwise so that the motor will provide high torque while fitting in a small diameter design.

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