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12V DC Linear Actuator

12V DC Linear Actuator
HTA1500 HTA1500 is a micro electric linear actuator that is professionally developed and produced by our company. The product is designed for industry, agricultural machinery, construction engineering, cleaning sweeper, ship, new energy car, automatic control window. The product is a Ideal...
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Without Over-current protector or Hall sensor

      Min installation size=s+105mm


With Over-current protector or Hall sensor

     Min installation size=s+105mm


Our Industries 

Our DC actuators are used in a wide array of technological applications and industires ranging from simple home automation mechanisms, marine & automotive automation, industrial automation & equipment, construction machinery, advanced robotics and other various projects and applications as well. An example of what exactly our products can do include upgrading a car with automated windows, door locks and even regulating the engines speed, just to name a few ways they  are used in the automotive industry. Another big industry where you can find our products is the medical industry, automating important medical technology like adjustable scanning tables or helping patients reposition their hospital  bed with a press  of a button.

While our products are popular in large industries like those mentioned above, we also have a very large customer base of hobbyists just looking to create their own mechanisms and applications. Some of the coolest and most interesting projects we’ve seen that use a DC actuator come from these hobbyists. Projects like making a secret bookcase door, a hidden TV that lowers into view from a ceiling and even a fully functional Wall-E robot all came from small time hobbyists who just wanted to make   something cool with our products. 

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