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Actuators for Sale

Actuators for Sale
HTA1500 HTA1500 is a micro electric linear actuator that is professionally developed and produced by our company. The product is designed for industry, agricultural machinery, construction engineering, cleaning sweeper, ship, new energy car, automatic control window. The product is a Ideal...
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Without Over-current protector or Hall sensor

      Min installation size=s+105mm


With Over-current protector or Hall sensor

       Min installation size=s+105mm


Optional distribution meter, used to display the stroke state of the linear actuator, and Hall sensor can be added to complete the step by step

linear actuators in solar panels play a vital role in the success of solar trackers. Linear actuators are generally used with adjustable end-of-stroke limit switches. This helps protect the solar panel from any potential damage that may be caused owing to over-travel in either direction. It goes without saying that condition and location of the site should be favorable for installing a solar tracker. Linear actuators for solar trackers .

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