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Compact Linear Actuator

Compact Linear Actuator
HTA2500 HTA2500 is a miniature linear actuator , The product exterior type is delicate that is seen less in China market. Two kinds of gears can be choice, One is nylon gear, the other is metal gear. The product have small product volume ,compact design, high degree of protection. HTA2500 with...
Product Details:

Product Specifications




Without over-current protector or Hall sensor

    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+105mm)


With over-current protector or Hall sensor


    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+120mm)




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Linear Actuator Applications Are Endless!

Linear actuators are used in industrial automation and machinery, machine tools, computer peripherals such as disk drives and printers, home automation, packaging, assembly, electronic manufacturing, data storage, laser processing, and test and inspection. Linear actuators are typically used in applications along with motors, valves, pumps, switches, dampers, and in many other places where linear motion is required. Linear actuators are also used for medical imaging and diagnostics, solar, farming, construction, automotive, and robotics applications. 

Linear actuators are used in nearly every type of electrical device that requires linear motion. Power drills, pumps, and other industrial appliances often rely on linear actuators to move other objects. Linear actuators are also used in some types of motors, and are often used in the robotics industry to provide robots with motor skills. In fact, a simple piston inside of an electric motor or fuel-injection engine uses linear motion, and therefore acts as a linear actuator

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