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Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator
HTA1500 HTA1500 is a micro electric linear actuator that is professionally developed and produced by our company. The product is designed for industry, agricultural machinery, construction engineering, cleaning sweeper, ship, new energy car, automatic control window. The product is a Ideal...
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Electric Actuator

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Without Over-current protector or Hall sensor

     Min installation size=s+105mm


With Over-current protector or Hall sensor

        Min installation size=s+105mm



A linear actuator is a device that helps to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, allowing jobs to be completed swiftly without requiring manual work. The process is cost-effective and trouble-free.

There are many advantages associated with this device which is why it is used in so many industries today, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electromechanical actuators can be controlled more precisely, present less environmental and workplace hazards, and reduce maintenance related downtime

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