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Linear Actuator with Feedback

Linear Actuator with Feedback
HTA2500 HTA2500 is a miniature linear actuator , The product exterior type is delicate that is seen less in China market. Two kinds of gears can be choice, One is nylon gear, the other is metal gear. The product have small product volume ,compact design, high degree of protection. HTA2500 with...
Product Details:

Product Specifications




Without over-current protector or Hall sensor

 Min Installation Size=(Stroke+105mm)


With over-current protector or Hall sensor


   Min Installation Size=(Stroke+120mm)




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These Actuators have built in potentiometers so you can determine the position of the actuator at any point in time. The potentiometers are  10 turn Potentiometers with 10K Ohm resistance.

For project and applications where precise motion control and feedback is required, our feedback actuators do the trick. Their design makes them an incredibly reliable, precise mechanism, providing detailed feedback. No matter which position your actuator is in, this potentiometer will allow you to track its movements to make sure every movement is accounted for.

Our position feedback actuators are ideal for projects that require a custom stroke length or a lower speed than our stock units.

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