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Drop Down Video Camera Linear Actuator

Drop Down Video Camera Linear Actuator
HTA2500 HTA2500 is a miniature linear actuator , The product exterior type is delicate that is seen less in China market. Two kinds of gears can be choice, One is nylon gear, the other is metal gear. The product have small product volume ,compact design, high degree of protection. HTA2500 with...
Product Details:


Without over-current protector or Hall sensor

    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+105mm)


With over-current protector or Hall sensor


    Min Installation Size=(Stroke+120mm)




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How a Linear Actuator Works

Simply stated, all linear actuators depend on an external, non-linear force to drive some kind of a piston back and forth, yet, different types of linear actuator work in different ways. A ‘piston" is defined as sliding piece which is moved by or against fluid, air pressure, or electricity. It usually consists of a short cylinder fitting within a cylindrical vessel along which it moves back and forth. For example: in steam engines, motion is created by steam, and pumps transmit motion to a fluid. 

Hydraulic pump actuators for example, depend on a hydraulic pump to compress and decompress the two sides of a piston in order to push it back and forth. The piston is attached to an external shaft, so the shaft moves with it. On the other hand, a wax motor linear actuator uses an electric current to melt a block of wax, causing it to expand. As the wax expands and contracts with varying electrical currents, a plunger that is pressed against it moves back and forth in a linear motion.

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