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Linear Actuator for Printer

Linear Actuator for Printer
HTB600-L HTB600-L linear actuator is designed for furniture ,nursing or hospital bed. It can be used in various applications that is powerful and very quiet actuator. Motor and gear of HTB600-L are protected by high -strength plastic shell. Features Protection:IP54 Output Power:50W power motor...
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Digital printers make use of a linear actuator in printing automation processes that is drawn along the page on a rod. As the laser is pulled along the rod, it sprays ink that is charged and adheres itself to the paper. On this actuator, the nut is rotated along the screw to create the linear motion.

It’s easy to see the benefits of system like this. Digital printers allow for a faster printing process. Screen printing is not able to achieve the same speeds. Quality is above and beyond and screen-printing process, and the cost of printing is much cheaper – a solution each and every business is looking for.

The user interface for these digital printers is much better. The software is streamlined, the printer can be linked to an iPad user interface and has advanced control options. Last, but certainly not least, a screen-printing machine is cumbersome and bulky. Digital printers that use linear actuators are much smaller and more compact, allowing for more of them in a single space.

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