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Slide-drive Linear Actuator

Slide-drive Linear Actuator
HTB600-L HTB600-L linear actuator is designed for furniture ,nursing or hospital bed. It can be used in various applications that is powerful and very quiet actuator. Motor and gear of HTB600-L are protected by high -strength plastic shell. Features Protection:IP54 Output Power:50W power motor...
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The Automation family of belt drive actuators come in several different confiurations to meet a wide variety of applicaitons. Standard Travels start at 148 mm and go up to 5763 mm. Loads from a few grams to 440 Newtons (200 lbs.) The slide can be fitted with several different types of motors. They also come standard with mechanical limit switch built into the end of travel on both ends. Speeds range up to 10 meters per second. 

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