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Design Goes Far Beyond Simple Switching
Jun 12, 2018

Actuators use liquids, gases, electricity, or other energy sources and convert them into a drive by motors, cylinders, or other devices. The basic actuator is used to drive the valve to full open or fully closed position. Actuator with control valve can accurately make the valve go to any position. Although most actuators are used to open and close valves, the design of today's actuators goes far beyond simple switching functions. They include position sensing devices, torque sensing devices, electrode protection devices, logic control devices, and digital communication modules. And PID control modules, etc., and these devices are all installed in a compact enclosure.

Once the actuator type and the required drive torque for the valve are determined, it can be selected using the data sheets or selection software provided by the actuator manufacturer. Sometimes the speed and frequency of valve operation need to be considered.

The fluid-driven actuator can adjust the stroke speed, but the electric actuator of the three-phase power supply has only a fixed travel time.

Some small-size DC electric single-turn actuators can adjust the stroke speed.