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Effectively Protects The Traffic Order, That Is, The Safety Of Major Facilities And Places
Jun 12, 2018

The products are widely used in many occasions such as the city traffic, the army and the gates of the national key organs and surrounding areas, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, and parking lots. Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the safety of the main traffic facilities and places is effectively guaranteed.

1. Gates of important institutions such as state agencies and the military: Install and upgrade anti-riot barricades, which can be controlled by electric, remote or swipe cards, effectively preventing the entry of vehicles from other units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles.

2. Pedestrian Street: Pedestrian street intersections are equipped with lifting barricades. Usually road barricades are raised, restricting the entry and exit of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leadership inspections, etc.), road barriers can be rapidly lowered to allow vehicles to pass.

3. Road barriers: Lifting road barriers can be used in non-fully enclosed road barriers to stop the vehicle from turning left or turning around. In case of special conditions such as road construction, road obstruction, etc., roadblocks may be laid down to divert traffic.

4. Multi-purpose square: In the daytime, the road block rises and vehicles are prohibited from entering the square. At night, the square is used as a temporary parking lot. The road block is put down and the vehicle can enter the parking space.

5. Open parks: Open-style park roads are equipped with lift barricades, which usually raise road blocks to prevent vehicles from passing. Visitors are free to pass through. In special circumstances, lift down the roadblocks to allow traffic.

6. Areas where vehicles, banks, schools, etc. are restricted, and the effective use of fire passages is guaranteed.

7. Expressway: It is necessary to urgently close the road and use automatic lifting piles, which is convenient and quick, and can solve the police force.