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Medical Equipment Application
Oct 25, 2018

According to the current situation in the industry, talk about the electric lifting columns and where they can carry out technical improvements

For example, the thermal problem of the motor can be improved by developing new technologies or increasing the heat dissipation area. For example, how to more effectively increase the service life of the motor and reduce the frequency of replacement is also a problem that we need to solve; there is also an optimized drive structure. Improving the transmission efficiency also requires us to constantly improve and work hard. A good product often requires you to constantly find problems, collect data, adjust according to the information returned, and polish it.

Ge Ming transmission as a supplier of lifting column brand, what are the characteristics of its products or merits that customers can trust

Ge Ming attaches great importance to the stability of the column lift, customer-oriented column products, have passed the factory stringent drive stability test; low noise, low power consumption is also the characteristics of our products, so that the minimum noise is less than 50 dB, to achieve the column is muted Efficient lifting work in a state.

Ge ming products have relevant certification standards?

All products are CE certified and some products are UL certified

As a technology product, do you think the design of the lifting column is important?

Of course, it is important that a good product not only has a function to pass through, but the design is not to be underestimated. Lifting column as a technology product, must reflect the simple language and aesthetic quality of science and technology

Which areas can the lifting column be applied to?

Can be widely used in medical, home, industrial and other related industries in the operating bed, nursing beds, lifting tables and chairs.

Can you cite a product and say the practicality and functionality of the drop column?

For example, an electric lifting table in a furniture product mainly relies on two or more electric lifting columns to realize a synchronous and smooth lifting. Can better take care of workers' physical health needs.

Talk about the market prospect of GeMing Electric Lifting Column

At home and abroad,Ge Ming's products are defined as high-tech products. The simple pillar appearance contains technological aesthetics, and its intelligent lifting is the functional trend of future products. At present, more and more partners are applying GeMing Ming Electric Lifting Column to different fields to make technology change their lives.