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Precise Position Control, Precise Thrust Control
Jun 12, 2018

The electric cylinder is a modular product that integrates the servo motor and the screw, and converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into a linear motion. At the same time, the best advantages of the servo motor - precise speed control, precise rotation speed control, and accurate torque control are converted into - Precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control; brand-new revolutionary product for high-precision linear motion series.

With the increasing demand for factory automation, electric cylinders came into being. Electric cylinders (also called electric actuators) use various motors (such as servo motors, stepping motors, and motors) to drive various screws (such as slide screws and ball screws) to rotate, convert them into linear motion through nuts, and push them. The slide table moves reciprocally linearly like cylinders along various guides (such as slide guides, ball guides, and high-rigidity linear guides). In order to adapt to different requirements, electric cylinders have a variety of specifications, but also have different names, such as: electric slides, linear slides, industrial robotic arms and so on.

1, entertainment industry: robot arm and joints, dynamic seats, etc.

2. Military industry: Simulation aircraft, simulation, etc.

3, the automotive industry: presses, test equipment, etc.

4, industrial industry: food machinery, ceramic machinery, welding machinery, lifting platform, etc.

5, medical equipment.