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Requires Precise Adjustment
Jun 12, 2018

Hydrodynamic actuators are powered by hydraulic transmission. Their distinguishing feature is their high driving force, but they are bulky and are only suitable for specific applications requiring large driving forces.

The hydraulic actuator's output driving force is higher than the pneumatic actuator and the electric actuator, and the hydraulic actuator's output torque can be accurately adjusted according to requirements and reflected by the hydraulic instrument. The actuator of the hydraulic actuator is more stable and reliable, and has shock-absorbing phenomenon, which is suitable for the working environment with high requirements for the transmission. The hydraulic actuator has high adjustment accuracy and fast response, and it can achieve high precision control. The hydraulic actuator is driven by hydraulic oil. The liquid itself has incompressible characteristics, so the hydraulic actuator can easily obtain better anti-deviation ability. The hydraulic actuator itself is equipped with an accumulator. In the event of power failure, more than one execution operation can be performed to reduce the damage and impact caused by the emergency on the production system, and is particularly suitable for the automatic control of the long transmission pipeline. The hydraulic actuator is driven by hydraulic pressure. Because the common ignition phenomenon of the electric equipment will not occur during the operation, the explosion-proof performance is higher than that of the electric actuator.