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The Application Is More Extensive
Jun 12, 2018

A linear actuator includes a driving member formed of a magnet rodless cylinder, a slider that moves under driving of the driving member, a guide for guiding the slider in a straight line, and first ends respectively connected to the driving member And a pair of end blocks at the second end, wherein: the guide rail is installed in the groove of the slide table, and the dimension of the guide rail in the width direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of movement of the slide table is smaller than the width of the slide table.

Linear actuators are also known as electric screws or electric cylinders or electric actuators.

The main function of the linear actuator is to move the load in a straight line, similar to a cylinder or a hydraulic cylinder.

The complete system includes: Linear Actuator (LA); Controller (LAK) and Keypad (LAP)

The motor voltage used by LA is DC 24V DC and 12V DC system

At present, the maximum thrust is 10000N (1000kg) LAN3

Industrial ---------- gearbox speed change, mechanism positioning, material lift....

Home life --- leisure beds, nursing beds, lockers, sweepers, bathroom equipment.

Office automation - computer desks and chairs, smoke windows...

Medical equipment - optometry equipment, dental equipment, beds, electric wheelchairs ... ....

Vehicles ---------- Seats, roofs, doors...